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  Dongguan Tengda Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic mold, die casting mold design, plastic moldflow analysis, die casting mold flow analysis,MAMGA analysis and foreign trade companies. Professional to undertake the difficult domestic and export module (DME, HASCO and other standard) mold design, mold manufacturing.
 The company has advanced mold manufacturing  equipment, advanced technology,  ​reasonable, standardized manufacturing process,  has rich experience in mold design (exit die, plastic model kits, color mode, etc.) experience, using a mold design software UG4.0, AUTOCAD etc. mold 2D / 3D design, customers,Provides detailed formal drawing, exit die used throughout UG full 3D design, including mold, water transport, thimble, etc. to achieve.....   More>>


  • Address: NO.8,Jiangbian, Xiabian Village,Changan Town, DONGGUAN CITY,GUANGDONG PROVINCE, CHINA
    Tel:        +86-769-85358631
    Mobile:   +86-18938256209
    Q Q:       836001726
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